wriggler [rig-ler] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a person or thing that wriggles.
  2. Also called wiggler, wiggle-tail. the larva of a mosquito.

Origin of wriggler First recorded in 1625–35; wriggle + -er1 Examples from the Web for wriggler Historical Examples of wriggler

  • The wriggler has a great deal to do yet before turning into a frog.

    Pond and Stream

    Arthur Ransome

  • I cannot understand whether he attacks me as a wriggler or a hammerer, but I am very sure that a deal of wriggling has to be done.

    More Letters of Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin

  • The wriggler, although heavier than water, can hang suspended from the surface film by the tip of its breathing-tube.

    Elementary Zoology, Second Edition

    Vernon L. Kellogg

  • The q-b sat next to me, asking for this and that music, none of which the wriggler could supply.

    Sea and Sardinia

    D. H. Lawrence

  • Within a few days the wriggler changes its skin three times; after the third change it looks very different, and is called a pupa.

    Little Busybodies

    Jeanette Augustus Marks and Julia Moody

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