written [rit-n] Examples See more synonyms for written on Thesaurus.com verb

  1. a past participle of write.


  1. expressed in writing (distinguished from spoken).

Related formshalf-writ·ten, adjectivepre·writ·ten, adjectiveself-writ·ten, adjectivewell-writ·ten, adjectiveCan be confusedaural oral verbal written (see usage note at verbal) Related Words for well-written enjoyable, satisfying, gripping, worthwhile, fascinating, absorbing, interesting, eloquent, appealing, engaging, engrossing, amusing, rewarding, enthralling, entertaining, well-written, brilliant, clever, easy, exciting Examples from the Web for well-written Contemporary Examples of well-written

  • “In my opinion, Topanga was one of the most well-rounded, well-written characters on TV,” she says.

    ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Danielle Fishel Is OK with Being Topanga Forever

    Kevin Fallon

    September 11, 2014

  • Their blog posts might not be well-written but their money speaks volumes.

    We Need to Talk About Silicon Valley’s Racism

    Samantha Allen

    August 22, 2014

  • But then I read it and saw it was really funny and well-written.

    Michaela Watkins: Fired From ‘SNL’ To Hollywood’s Funniest Scene-Stealer

    Kevin Fallon

    March 4, 2014

  • The well-written book—the author is an honest, engaging and indomitable guide—warrants a special place in nonfiction shelves.

    We Abandoned Them: Kirk Johnson’s Fight to Save Iraqis

    John Kael Weston

    September 14, 2013

  • A well-written story is a perfect jewel, a perfect morsel, with no room for error.

    Justin Cronin: How I Write

    Noah Charney

    October 10, 2012

  • Historical Examples of well-written

  • It is romantic but not sensational, well-written and rich in entertainment.

    The Boys of Crawford’s Basin

    Sidford F. Hamp

  • All girls fond of reading will be charmed by this well-written story.

    Joyce’s Investments

    Fannie E. Newberry

  • A bright, well-written story that holds the reader till the end.

    Hushed Up

    William Le Queux

  • Many were well-written books, but they were NOT prison life.

    Eighteen Months’ Imprisonment

    Donald Shaw

  • Reading a well-written love-letter is a prude’s supremest pleasure.

    The Red and the Black


  • British Dictionary definitions for well-written well-written adjective (well written when postpositive)

    1. composed in a competent, and often entertaining, style

    written verb

    1. the past participle of write


    1. taken down in writing; transcribedwritten evidence; the written word Compare spoken (def. 2)

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