Wu [woo] Examples noun

  1. a dynasty that ruled in China a.d. 222–80.
  2. a Chinese language having several dialects, spoken widely in Anhwei, Chekiang, and Kiangsu provinces and including the dialect of Shanghai.

Examples from the Web for wu Contemporary Examples of wu

  • But, keeping Wu Tun and his t-shirts in mind, how serious is Jack Ma about putting customers first?

    Alibaba’s Dark Side: Censoring Customers

    Brendon Hong

    November 18, 2014

  • In the eyes of Wu, the test should already be out in the field, despite a lack of 100 percent proof.

    This New Ebola Test Is As Easy As a Pregnancy Test, So Why Aren’t We Using It?

    Abby Haglage

    October 3, 2014

  • Wu answered one about whether he would prefer to fight 100 “duck-sized Gov. Cuomos, or one Gov. Cuomo-sized duck.”

    Can New York Democrat Zephyr Teachout Stop Governor Andrew Cuomo?

    David Freedlander

    August 18, 2014

  • According to the tenets, as passed on in prison yards and Wu Tang Clan songs, humanity is divided into categories.

    Word Is Bond: An Ex-Con Explains the 5 Percenters

    Daniel Genis

    April 12, 2014

  • Wu proved that developing aesthetic comes with risk, albeit, in this instance, a comparatively successful one.

    Fashion Week Dispatch: Jason Wu and Rag and Bone

    Erin Cunningham

    February 8, 2014

  • Historical Examples of wu

  • “The birthday of the King of the Wu River is at hand,” said she.

    The Chinese Fairy Book


  • What for wu’d a powr Irish priest be doin’ a-wearin’ of radiant white?

    Lords of the North

    A. C. Laut

  • A woman boss is bad enough, but a hellion is wu’s,’ was Jeff’s statement.

    David Lannarck, Midget

    George S. Harney

  • Of the music of Wu, he said, It is thoroughly beautiful, but not thoroughly good.

    The Sayings Of Confucius


  • If, as is likely, Wu Pei Fu wins, he may take one of two courses.

    China, Japan and the U.S.A.

    John Dewey

  • British Dictionary definitions for wu Wu 1 noun

    1. Harry, real name Wu Hongda. born 1937, Chinese dissident and human-rights campaigner, a US citizen from 1994: held in labour camps (1960–79); exiled to the US in 1985 but returned secretly to document forced labour in Chinese prisons

    Wu 2 noun

    1. a group of dialects of Chinese spoken around the Yangtze delta

    wu in Science Wu [wōō]Chien-Shiung 1912-1997

    1. Chinese-born American physicist. Research with her colleagues on electron emission in the decay of radioactive elements showed that parity symmetry, long thought to hold for all physical laws, is in fact violated; the decay processes displayed odd parity, essentially entailing that nature distinguishes between right-handed and left-handed processes.

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