verb (used without object), noun Slang.

  1. yak2.

verb (used without object), yakked, yak·king.

  1. to talk, especially uninterruptedly and idly; gab; chatter: They’ve been yakking on the phone for over an hour.


  1. incessant idle or gossipy talk.

noun, verb

  1. a variant spelling of yak 2


  1. a wild and domesticated type of cattle, Bos grunniens, of Tibet, having long horns and long shaggy hair


  1. Also: yakety-yak noisy, continuous, and trivial talk or conversation

verb yaks, yakking or yakked

  1. (intr) to chatter or talk in this way; jabber

v.“to talk, to chatter,” slang, 1950, probably echoic (cf. Australian slang yacker “talk, conversation,” 1882). Yackety is recorded from 1953. n.“wild ox of central Asia,” 1795, from Tibetan g-yag “male yak.” v.“laugh,” 1938; “talk idly,” 1950; echoic, perhaps of Yiddish origin.

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