verb (used without object)

  1. to whine or complain.
  2. to make an outcry or clamor.
  3. to talk loudly and persistently.

verb (used with object)

  1. to utter clamorously, persistently, or in complaint: They yammered their complaints until she let them see the movie.


  1. the act or noise of yammering.


  1. to utter or whine in a complaining or peevish manner
  2. to make (a complaint) loudly or persistently
  3. (intr) (esp of an animal) to howl or wail plaintively or distressingly; yelp or yowl


  1. a yammering sound, wail, or utterance
  2. nonsense; jabber

v.late 15c., “to lament,” probably from Middle Dutch jammeren and cognate Middle English yeoumeren, “to mourn, complain,” from Old English geomrian “to lament,” from geomor “sorrowful,” probably of imitative origin. Meaning “to make loud, annoying noise” is attested from 1510s. Related: Yammered; yammering.

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